Monday, March 12, 2007

Aston Martin in Formula 1

So now the game plan is starting to shape-up, it's never too early to put 1 + 1 together to make 3, especially in the world of F1 where rumour and intrigue generate more press pages than do race results.

David Richards already has a slot booked in the F1 championship entry list for the 2008 season labelled "Prodrive". He, with a consortium of backers, now has ownership of Aston Martin, a company he helped take racing again both here in the USA (ALMS) and in Europe (Le Mans etc.)

Rather than promoting the somewhat consumer-unfriendly Prodrive brand, known only really to Subaru cognoscenti in the UK, why wouldn't he now scratch out Prodrive on Bernie's list and pencil-in "Aston Martin" instead?

You heard it here first, folks, Aston Martin are going into Formula One!

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