Sunday, December 2, 2007

Yup, We're That Cheap

Seems it was a bit windy while I was gone last week? Getting home, I found piles of leaves and twigs all over the ground, leaving me with the necessary evil of getting the leaf blower out to clear them up.

Anyway, turns out the top blew off a redwood tree no more than 50 yards from the house. Better than last year, I suppose, when a large branch fell onto the roof & cracking a bunch of tiles, but I digress.

Instead of heading off to the Christmas tree farm to saw one down, costing us $25 in the process, we decided to drag this thing inside to see if it would work instead.

(BTW, sorry for the crappy picture but I seem to be having terrible problems with Photoshop and Lightroom; In fact, almost any application is a pain to run on my laptop right now. Click on anything in those applications and the disk will thrash itself to death for five minutes. Sigh. Probably time for a new one.)

Perfect? Nope - it's a bit uneven and likely to drop needles faster than a heroin addict with the DTs - but we saved a tree and went all self-sufficient to boot. It's going to be a green Christmas!

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