Thursday, December 13, 2007

Magic Leg Lopped Off & Now Lost

I kid you not. Indian police are searching for the lopped-off leg of a Chittoor mystic. Seems local legend was that if you touched it then you could take advantage of it's magical healing powers or be granted your heart-felt wishes.

Consequently, a couple of smart, local entrepreneurs concluded that if the leg is magic - which it obviously was - then it's power must transcend the corporeal host, and hence it should work even if the owner were, say, no longer around? I mean, just touching the rest of the bloke didn't seem to do anything Disneyesque so it must all be in the leg, right?

Being resourceful sorts, they got the "owner" drunk and then amputated the magic limb with a scythe, making good their getaway before anyone woke up and noticed what they'd done.

"We are looking for the miscreants as well as the leg", police said. Which is nice.

The owner is still alive, if not particularly chipper, and probably thanking his lucky stars that it wasn't his forehead that was magical ....

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