Saturday, December 29, 2007

Twin Trees Topple

I mentioned in an earlier post that in a recent storm the top of a redwood got blown off so we used it as a Christmas tree. Well, it turns out that this wasn't the only casualty.

Right on the edge of our property we discovered that a Siamese-twin pair of trees had blown down, knocking out a madrone and the top of a heavily-rotted pine that woodpeckers had been having a field day with. In doing so, part of the debris had landed on our neighbours' land, leaving us with some work to do in the Spring when things dry out again.

The photos here don't quite do justice to just how big these trees are. Top-to-roots, each must measure close to a hundred feet. I still have no idea quite how we'll tackle clearing this up. In the end, we may just clear the land next door and let nature take it's course for the rest.

The joys of country living are endless and, apparently, have shallow roots.

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