Monday, December 17, 2007

Politicians? Bah, Humbug.

As mentioned earlier, we're chasing down as much Q-end business as possible, one significant (>$1m) piece of which is with a government agency. Despite a budget being agreed for that department, funds won't get released until the overall budget is passed, a process that is currently stalled as the two main parties in congress up the level of bickering and conflict as a way of sharpening the divide before the 2008 election process gets fully underway in Iowa in a couple of weeks time.

Net-net is we just heard that no new POs will be issued by this agency this year, and that they have continuance funding for salaries only at this stage. In short, we've just been screwed by all those fine folk we fund in order that they can spend their days in the Capitol pontificating about principles they love to hold up, but rarely uphold.

If literally every other piece of business we are tracking closes this week and the dollar exchange rate stays in favourable territory then we'll just about make plan for the year pretty much right on the button. And no, this is not a comfortable place to be in the last full selling week in 2007....

I'll keep you posted, but fair to say I may be a bit distracted this week.

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