Sunday, April 29, 2007

UCSC Photography Course

Line Astern

As mentioned a post or three ago, I was at Laguna Seca this weekend for a course on action photography. Although the racing itself wasn't too thrilling, nevertheless the course was very good. Excellent instructor who was both a strong professional photographer and a great educator, always keeping people engaged and interested. He "went the extra mile" and worked with the people at Skip Barber to get us access to some great areas for picture taking. Indeed, as it turned out the fact that this wasn't a public race weekend might well have made it more worthwhile from a technique, practice and access to the track standpoint so I think I have reversed my position on that one!

Well recommended, and as I get round to reviewing the shots that are worthwhile I'll begin posting some of them here, starting with the above (which I may yet crop differently).


I said...

oh my god! The helmets empty! where did the guys head go?

J said...

Thankfully, I believe it was still attached last I checked! Only one crash that I saw that resulted in any damage. Will post pics of the remains being carted back to the pits!