Tuesday, April 3, 2007

High-Level View

Combat Air Patrol

Not to bang on about this too much but since it's uppermost in my mind then that's what you get to read about!

We're seeing a possible fork in the road regarding how we move ahead as a company. On the one hand, we could continue down the present path, focusing on what I'll call a "bottom-up" approach of aiming to get initial seed deals from which we can grow upwards into an account. This has its pros and cons, but success or not is often driven more by market stage than anything else, and it's not clear to me that we are in the right place for this to get the job done. Another approach might be possible, one in which we go after a different market segment but one that feeds technology down to the consumers of it, namely the projects we are chasing today. The idea here is to follow a flow-down strategy that should help drive some larger initial deals and also get us better and more immediate access into those target projects where, in the long run, we really have to be anyway.

Having a dialogue with a Board member on exactly this question, trying to judge if we can afford to do both, or even if we can afford not to!

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