Monday, April 16, 2007

Death Valley

Death Valley, California

Left early this morning in order to maximize the travel time and to make sure I got through Death Valley before it got too hot. Shouldn't have worried: temperatures never got above 71 degrees for the whole journey. It’s easy to think about Death Valley in terms of (a) how low it is and (b) how hot it is, but there is a lot of elevation change involved in touring here. I hit 5,500 feet at one stage, down to a GPS-registered low of over 200 feet below sea-level at the floor of the park.

It’s certainly a spectacular place, and I was very fortunate that a storm went through CA yesterday and today adding some nice cloud formations into the equation too!

Having racked up 650 miles and spent over 12 hours on the road driving here to Las Vegas, I should probably now get to work on our sales meeting ….

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