Friday, April 27, 2007

Death Valley Beach

Thanks to an 18 hour trip from ARN to SFO, finally got round working on some of the other shots from Death Valley, and I liked how this one came out. I was really surprised at the range of colours evident in the sediments in the area. Not sure this shot fully captures it (yes, Mr. “I”, I really should get round to profiling my laptop display!) but I’ll take a look on my home PC at some point and make sure it's capturing how things really looked.


I said...

So why 18hrs. Last time i did the flight i am sure Arlanda to Heathrow was a flight time of 3hrs! Some delays or did your flight go "technical"?

You gotta do the profiling, it makes alot of difference. The only downside is you have to then do the printer to match the monitor if your printing stuff out!

J said...

Arrgh - my mistake, I meant ARN to SFO! Now fixed, so thanks for that!

Yup, I do need to do this. It's on the list - honestly it is.