Saturday, February 28, 2009

Why Is This Never Easy?

Just when you think you have a handle on things, things go wrong.

Although my laptop pretty much was cured of the poisonous .NET download, it's now decided that it would recognize the built in DVD/CD drive. Nothing we've been able to come up with will make it change its mind, from updating the BIOS through cleaning the registry to searching the web for solutions (though we did find that it's not an uncommon problem apparently.) Here we are again, therefore, off on Monday to China and Japan with a laptop that's still teetering on the ragged edge between sanity and madness.

Next up, the first set of meetings in China just got thrown up into the air and are now supposed to happen either two days later in the same place or earlier somewhere else. And by "somewhere else" I mean "somewhere else a couple of hours flying time away".

Regardless, (b) will get sorted somehow and (a) I'll fix one way or the other soon enough! Either there's a cure to be found or there's a new laptop on the horizon.

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