Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm Back ...And Now I'm Off!

Thanks to the unstinting efforts of our extensive IT department (say "hi" to Tom, who comes in for a few hours twice a week) I'm now back and running. Ultimately, the fix was to force it to boot from a recovery disk, go back to the latest restore point and tell it not to download the poisonous .Net update.

Despite all that, I for one will be switching to Windows 7 as soon as it goes GA. I'd rather take the risk of a whole new release than stick with Vista a second longer than I have to. I hate to think about sending more money the way of the Redmond bandits, but for a work-machine there really is little in the way of options. Having said all of that, I'm going to look seriously at a Mac for home use. It's time to separate the photography side of the business from the business side of the business!

I leave on President's Day for Europe for a week, get back for a few days and then leave again to head to China and Japan. With luck, I should be able to get back to a more regular posting schedule, Vista permitting of course ....

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