Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Low Profile

It seemed like an age since I posted anything so I checked, and it has been. What with PCs self-immolating and a round trip to Sweden to get done, the past couple of weeks have somehow vanished. And there's no sign of things letting up any time soon. I leave for China and Japan on Monday and will be travelling for another ten days. Although back home for a few days, this week alone I have to now prepare for the various up-coming customer presentations, finish off some HR stuff here required to get 2009 underway, close the loop with our current investors and at least two potential external ones, and in parallel get a couple of other initiatives up and running before I can even think about heading off again.

As you can tell, this is a long-winded way of excusing myself in advance for continuing to be invisible for a few more days yet. On the plus side, I'll take my pocket camera with me to the Far East and see if I can get some worthwhile shots. This trip will take in Shanghai and Tokyo, both of which I've photographed before though not for quite some time.

Hopefully, the flights and other travel will go smoothly. Getting to Europe was fine, getting home was less so. On the way back we were an hour late leaving Heathrow because some woman had only just left the lounge in T3 at the point where we were ready to pull back from T5. Those of you who know LHR will understand that this is a problem! BA decided to pull her bags, but as soon as that was done then ATC gave us a ground hold as further punishment. The flight was then longer than usual due to strong headwinds, and even once I was on the road home from the airport the fun was not over - Highway 17 was closed thanks to a large tree falling over it!

Definitely one of those "I'm not being paid enough to do this" sort of days.

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