Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Well That Sucks ... or Doesn't

We all know that there are innumerable fakes flooding the marketplace these days, spanning everything from handbags to car parts, even to drugs. However, in the West at least, they rely on the consumer knowing what it is that the copied brand actually sells and wanting to therefore buy something that will make the people next door think you can afford Gucci/Rolex/Prada etc.

Not so in Russia, apparently, where simply applying the brand name itself is seemingly enough. Please welcome to the domestic suction market ... the Canon vacuum cleaner! Yup, the company most known for cameras and copiers suddenly decided that making Dyson knock-offs was the way to go. Or not.

Unsurprisingly, the unlucky owners don't really get very far when the inevitable happens and they find out that their product sucks - or rather, it stops sucking - and they call Canon for product support. One can only imagine how that dialogue goes, with an irate Russian babushka one end, clutching the smoking remains of her Chinese vacuum cleaner, talking to a highly trained Canon service rep who is primed to within a degree to help ameliorate her digital camera issues.

Doesn't bode well for Japanese-Russian relations.

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