Sunday, October 26, 2008

Made It Back

Racing Aston Martin, 007

Back from Europe, at least for a few days, but leaving again next Saturday to head to Switzerland.

Meanwhile, here's a car picture to keep you going until I can sort out what timezone this is. Going to China, getting home but then turning right around and heading to Europe for few days is a painful way to do it, but circumstances dictate that that's just the way it had to be.

Hopefully, the travel gods will get me into Heathrow in time next Sunday to watch the final F1 GP in Brazil where Lewis Hamilton again has a seven point lead going into the closing race. Thanks to what we saw last year (he lost the title by one point after a poor start and mechanical problems) it's goign to be a nail-biting experience.

Alas, before that there's a board meeting to get through, along with all the usual end-of-year planning and other tasks to get completed between now and Friday.

Much less fun in prospect, therefore, than watching cars going round a racing circuit.

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