Sunday, October 12, 2008

China Bound + Europe (x2) = ?

Doggie Hell (from Fox's Family Guy)

Back to travelling again, thereby creating my own version of jet-lag hell.

Between now and the middle of November I am away overseas for three weeks out of four. Starting with Shenzhen, China, I return at the weekend and then and then head to Sweden. Back on a Sunday (damn those cheap fares that require a Saturday night stay), in the office for a few days and then off to Montreax in Switzerland, finally returning once more around the 7th November (cunningly missing election day).

Will post when I can, won't when I can't. Meanwhile, thanks to B, I've added some Google ads for your clicking pleasure in my absence. Have at it. After the Dow's performance this week I need the money.


I said...

Jeez. Tough schedule. Safe travels

J said...

Yup, there's something about 12+ hours in a middle seat in economy that makes you wonder if this is really the best way to be spending a day. (Answer: preferably not)