Friday, October 3, 2008

Hard Right? Damn Right!

Another shot from the Salinas air show, again of the F-15E Strike Eagle Demonstration Team aircraft. From this angle it's easier to see that the afterburners are lit, and it's also plain that at this point in the turn the g-forces must be piling on big time.

Wonder if they'd mind taking a passenger along next year? It must be an amazing experience to pilot one of these things; just imagine having all that raw horsepower at your fingertips and how that must feel? Of course, at my age I'm never going to fly one of these or anything like it but I can still dream about being in the jump seat can't I??

Being America, it goes without saying that or a few thousand dollars you can hitch a ride on all sorts of high-performance jets from Migs to Phantoms, and likely many others too. So here's a promise: if we get a decent exit this time around then I think I'm going to have to have a go. Yeah, there's the whole embarrassment factor of throwing up in your helmet to deal with but I'll take that risk!

Goals are good, right?

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