Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Otter, Water

Of course, since we visited the aquarium to see the sea horses, we also had to go and see the otters, long one of their major attractions. Timing worked out well, so we were on-station when feeding time rolled around (11:30 am for the morning session.) As you can see, photographing these animals is just a difficult as it would be shooting any other fast moving creature living behind a wall of glass like, say, a sea horse, just to pick something at random! This was about as good as I could get that day.

And speaking of going places, I'm once again in Stockholm. Oddly, it seems balmier here than it was in CA when I left at the weekend. Probaly just means that global warming is more of an issue for Europe than it is in North America. Oh dear, and pass me another SUV, please.

Back Sunday.

Oh yes, the punchline. "What's the definition of a water otter?" Answer: a kettle.

Must be the jet lag talking.

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