Sunday, April 12, 2009

Morning With The Gee Gees

Though in this case, the aquatic variety!

We had headed off to Monterey for a couple of days as a bit of a mini Spring break. As part of the deal offered by the Monterey Plaza hotel, we got free tickets to the Monterey Aquarium in addition to much-reduced room-rates.

Purely by luck, mid last week their new exhibition, The Secret Lives of Sea Horses, opened. So off we went.

Despite getting there as soon as it opened, and with advance tickets no less, the exhibit was still crowded. Being there on Easter weekend was always going to mean the place was heaving so no real surprises there I suppose, but even so each of the aquariums was more of a squeeze to get to than we anticipated. That, combined with the optical challenges - especially true of the circular tanks - meant that photographing these little beasties was a real challenge. The above, a leafy sea dragon, was an amazing creature that this shot does a bit of a disservice to, and worth the entry fee alone to see. However, mixing low lighting, crowded conditions, curved glass and creatures that are actually quite active means that you will likely end up with only a handful of shots in focus, let alone worthy of being labelled "keepers".

Notwithstanding the crowds, it's well worth the effort to catch this exhibit if you can. They've done their usual exemplary job of pulling together a fascinating review of a whole class of creatures, as anyone having seen their previous jelly fish exhibit will already know.

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