Saturday, September 6, 2008

Vampire Dog

No particular reason for this one other than it's the weekend and I don't have anything else much to blog about. Work is a complete zoo as we approach Q-end, what with fund-raising, customers, VC and all the usual palaver. As a consequence, I've not had a chance to put very much up here in the past few days but have been trying out a new (second-hand lens), a 50 mm F 1.2L. So far, the conclusion it's a bit soft wide open but less so than the Sigma 35 mm F 1.4, and beats the Sigma in contrast and colour by a significant margin across the board. Oh, and watch out for the razor thin depth-of-field!! Sorry, Cara, but those fangs aren't sharp (well, except in the real-world of course.)

Looking forward though to the Spa F1 GP tomorrow. Lewis Hamilton has pole and rain threatens. We're having a few people over for beer and snacks so hopefully everyone will put on a good show.

More stuff next week.

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