Thursday, September 25, 2008

Didn't Read The Plan But Killed It Anyway?

It seems to be the case that, in the midst of all the frenzy around the financial crisis, one of the presidential candidates couldn't even be bothered to read the three page summary of the plan Poulson was proposing, but that, err, oversight somehow didn't seem to stop him from heading off to Washington to blow out of the water the bipartisan agreement that had been reached. To compound that crime, said candidate will undoubtedly claim credit in the future for engineering whatever final agreement can be reached, and all in the name of a campaign for the presidency he says has been suspended.

Of all the twists and turns of this political campaign, this takes us from the absurd to the absolutely unacceptable.

It's bad enough McCain glides over reading something so critical as this 3 page document; it's jaw dropping he'd then admit to it on camera.

Add to that ticket the vacuous Palin and her "I'm good at foreign policy because I can see foreign from my house" line, and it starts to make GW Bush look like Lincoln.

So now I'm scared.

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