Sunday, September 28, 2008

Glass Highlights

Yup, another smart-arse title. As you can see, taking even half-way acceptable pictures of bits of glass, in the dark and whilst being jostled by several hundred other visitors, has its challenges. Prime amongst those is that when lit by focused spotlights, as the larger exhibits all were, glass exhibits horrible specular highlights that overwhelm the dynamic range of any camera, film or digital. Add to that the fact that I only had my G9 with me and so had very limited opportunities to up the aperture or ISO speed in order to avoid camera shake with the inevitable slow shutter settings then I'm surprised I got anything worth a jot at all.

What we have here is a wooden rowing boat, sitting on a black, polished surface, lit by multiple spotlights. It's one of a pair of boats with different "fillings", spheres in this case (balls if you'd prefer!), that formed this particular installation.

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