Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Firework For The Common Man

Really, I despair. Despite the obvious dangers of playing with what's basically explosives on a stick, it never ceases to amaze quite how stupid some people can be. Now, you may want to blame it drink, drugs or over medication; you may think it's all down to a deprived childhood, poor nutrition from birth or a mother who smoked (crack, most likely); you may even conclude it's just youthful high spirits or a "phase" your precious youngster is going through. Well, it's not. Some people are simply, wholly and utterly congenitally stupid.

I submit in evidence the above. A future Darwin Award winner is shown standing on the bumpers of two adjacent cars while one of his "friends" lights a firework rocket placed directly under his crotch. Yes, it's that dumb. And yes, it has the expected results.

Gives a whole new meaning to the term "crotch rocket" which, as I type this, I now realise probably offers an explanation as to what they hell they thought they were doing. When you are that dim-witted it must make it difficult to accept that this is a term applied to a fast motorcycle, and not something to be taken literally.

Really, I despair.

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