Sunday, July 19, 2009


As you can see, I ended up back in San Francisco again this past week, but this time with a couple of differences: a) it was on business, and b) I made it up early enough in the morning to try and catch the sunrise. Alas, all I caught was fog. Very pleasant morning though, and I was nevertheless able to grab a few shots before heading back out of the city still early enough to avoid the inevitable traffic build-up.

Tomorrow I am off to Japan, just in time to catch the ongoing monsoon season. Fortunately, typhoon Molave already headed north so with luck I should avoid any knock-on delays from the problems this caused in Hong Kong. Even so, the weather forecast is promising 80 degree daytime temperatures with heavy rain and gusty winds. Lovely time, therefore, to be using the crowded Tokyo metro system and wearing a suit!

Back next weekend before heading again into San Francisco for DAC.

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