Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Valley Hillbillies

Thanks muchly to Jalopnik for this one but, as you can see, this part of California 'aint all Lambos and multi-million McMansions. However, seems on Black Friday even the coast-dwelling proletariat feels the need to go East and buy a bright, shiny new bauble to decorate their nests with. But how to transport it back home on Highway 17 afterwards? Hmm, tricky. Well, how about we just stick it on the back seat and rely on a single bungy cord to stop it either a) flying forwards and hitting us on the back of the head, or b) flying out the back to be smacked-into by whatever happens to be behind us at the time? Hell, yeah!

Just to be clear, Highway 17 is one of the worst roads in the Bay Rea, if not the entire state. It's windy, hilly, prone to very bad weather and almost always traffic clogged, being the main route between the coast and Silicon Valley. During the morning and evening commutes, it's not uncommon to come around a corner to find the two lanes of traffic at a dead stop, thereby generating a rash of rear-end accidents on an all-too-predictable schedule. It only takes one truck lumbering up the 5 mile-long hill towards the Summit to turn a two lane road into a one laner, with the added fun of people stuck behind said mobile-chicane trying kamikaze lane-changing maneuvers in order to try and overtake. "But what makes you such an expert?" you may ask. Simple. I drive it everyday.

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