Friday, December 5, 2008

Deliverance Cottage

This cabin is in some woods close to our house. Story goes that some bloke bought the parcel of land promising to build him & his missus a cabin getaway. However, once he proudly showed her the early results of his handiwork she threw a bit of a wobbly, quite understandably vowing never to go near the place.

I'll have to go back and capture it on a nice misty morning and maybe try one or two other things because the above doesn't do the whole spookiness/rustic hovel thing proper justice. (And only using a Canon point-and-shoot, just before sunset and in a densely wooded area didn't help much either.)

Handy, though, to have an additional bolt hole in these challenging times, even allowing for the fact that there's no vehiclular access, just an old logging path. It's also worth bearing in mind that the water supply seems to be drawn from a spring that only runs towards the end of the winter and any electricity you may feel in need of is via a very old and now rusted portable generator. Oh, and he never quite got round to putting any windows in, either.

Cue the banjos ....

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