Thursday, November 20, 2008

Zeppelins Over San Francisco

No, that's not the name of a new Hollywood blockbuster, though I'd be happy to sell it to them if they so desire, but rather it's descriptive of what we saw on Saturday in the city.

We had a great weekend in San Francisco. courtesy of some friends with a downtown apartment and spare tickets to the opera. Bliss. To top it all, the weather was glorious, company sublime and the view ... well it's not often you see an airship gliding past downtown skyscrapers now is it?

The dirigible shown here was flying courtesy of a new operation based at Moffett airfield, Airship Ventures. An hour flying time costs around $495 per person, and on days like that then the views must have been nothing short of spectacular. It was unseasonably warm this last weekend with the weather being driven by an off-shore flow of warm air coming straight from the central valley. The main benefit of this pattern, at least as far as San Francisco is concerned, is that it pushes the fog bank far out to sea, resulting in crystal-clear air.

When it's snowing in the Midwest but 78 degrees & sunny in the Bay Area, it really does remind you why you pay the premium required to live here!

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