Friday, November 7, 2008

Yup, Feel Just Like That

Apologies for not posting here for a few days but a couple of things got in the way this week.

Firstly, travelling. I was in Europe Sunday through Thursday and moving around somewhat between the UK and Switzerland. The prices hotels are charging now for Internet access have become way too extreme for all but critical connect times. Instead, I use the T-mobile overseas access (as offered by the likes of BT) which is more pay-as-you-go, but nevertheless incentivizes one to only connect briefly to deal with e-mail.

Secondly, I felt like the bloke above for most of it. I started to feel lousy Sunday night and steadily got worse until I had a fever, headache, sort throat and all those lovely symptoms of having caught something nasty. Travelling is little fun at the best of time but when you are ill, even with no more than a touch of flu, it's ten-times worse. And trust me, the sight seen looking in the mirror Wednesday morning was not pretty.

Happy to now be home (at least until Monday when I fly to Texas) and happy to be feeling a little bit better.

Some weeks, whatever it is I'm being paid doesn't seem anything like enough to offset the misery of flu in a foreign land.

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