Monday, August 18, 2008

Pro Photographer - Dead Easy, Right?

Michael Phelps Celebrating after his 8th Olypmic Win, by Vincent Laforet for Newsweek

Wrong! I've been following Vincent Laforet's fascinating blog from the Beijing Olympics where he's there on the dime of Newsweek to capture both news and interest shots.

The posting linked to above is just one example but it covers how he went about trying to cover Michael Phelps and the relay team lining up for the final swimming event where he could make it 8 straight golds.

Never mind the two hours sleep after covering events the previous day or the 5:45 am start but there you are, on the hook to capture the crowning event as far as the US audiences are concerned and there to meet the needs of one of the icons of print-news coverage.

Despite claiming that there just wasn't one "defining moment", the shots taken are nevertheless remarkable. Indeed, if you think shooting sports events is nothing special then just take a look throughout his sequence of postings and see what he was able to achieve day-in and day-out.

Quite stunning, and every shot posted reminds me why I'll never make it as a professional!

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