Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Time To Go: Africa #1

Now the Q is over, it's time to go and do the Marlon Brando thing and head into darkest Africa to see what we may see. I doubt it will include sight of either Martin Sheen or the iconic Bell Huey 'choppers but we might see a ceiling fan or two though.

The second quarter ended up OK. We had one deal that we thought we could get done but it seems certain government agencies are slow-rolling some project work as we head into election season here in the USA so that piece of business ended up slipping into Q3. Still, we did close several very good deals and enter into summer with a really strong pipeline. Indeed, getting a couple of weeks break now is probably good timing for all sorts of reasons, a full pipeline to close up ASAP not being the least of them.

First leg of SFO to LHR coming up. Let's see if we can get through Terminal 5 unscathed, shall we?

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