Monday, July 21, 2008

Africa #4 Pt II: Settling-In

Bit of a chill-out day today, but then we are in upside-down land where summer is winter and stuff you eat actually does grow on trees. We arrived into the hotel in Arusha (Mountain Village Lodge) around 11 am and since there’s nothing planned until tomorrow we have some time to kill and a chance to recover from the journey. Decide to walk round the grounds and dig out the camera to get used to it. Big mistake. Big expensive mistake ….

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m renting a body and using my own lenses. So far, so good. Alas, it turns out that whoever put the camera strap on that body was a complete moron and only did half the job. Yup, it came adrift. Yup, I was on a concrete path at the time. Yup, the entire ensemble made a very sickening THUMP-bounce-thump noise as it hit the ground. And yup, the lens, a 70-200m 2.8L, is completely knackered. It no longer zooms at all, and trying to autofocus just makes the thing hunt. I’m too pissed-off to be pissed-off, if that makes sense? I can predict that several very stiff drinks are in my immediate future, along with S repeating endlessly “I can’t believe you didn’t check that”. The lens bore the brunt of it, which I suppose is good news in some sort of perverse way since at least it’s mine and not a rental, but really, couldn’t this have happened on the last day and not the first??

Good hotel, though (Mountain Village Lodge, shown above) with a view over a local lake, a decently-stocked bar, a working cappuccino machine and … drum roll please … wireless internet access, albeit for a bit of a steep price ($5 for 30 minutes). Bliss.

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