Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finally - Someone Gets It

Thanks to Gizmodo For This One. Link Below

Reports now coming through that two of Germany's finest have linked up with Google to allow you to download locations from Google maps right into the navigation system in your Beemer or Merc.

The merchants of Munich are initially offered this on the newly-released X6, to be followed by all models (with the right optional extra boxes checked of coruse) as of the 2009 model year. Yup, you can now plan places to go and things to see l alfrom the comfort of your favourite chair in front of the telly, before pushing a button (well, clicking a link at least) and sending it to your dashboard. Bliss. Much better than all the twlirling and clicking that trying to do this via the iDrive controller otherwise entails.

Of course, this is just the beginning. Once your car can fully connect withthe Internet there will be a slew of additional things you'll be able to do remotely, not the least of which will be, I hope, the opportunity to program iDrive and the navigation screen to do what you want, rather than how the factory says it should be (see here).

Next up, I'd like to see some synching with Outlook so I can check my calendar or review e-mail while parked. Update your iPod remotely? Sounds good to me.

They say that up to 80% of the differentiation in a modern car comes from the electronics. With developments like this, that figure looks set to become more like 90. (Or in anything from Korea call it an even 100.)

Bring it on!

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