Friday, March 14, 2008

Long, Hard Climb

The Staircase

These past few weeks have been very busy, combining long hours with too much pressure.

Trying to get a fund-raising underway, help close the Q, sort out all the materials & plans required to get the year started, manage the board and generally try and keep things all heading in the right direction is driving me to 12 or 14 hour days.

Yes, we do seem to be making progress, but it's hard to find the time to stop and reflect where on that staircase we're all climbing we have reached. We can report once benchmark worthy of note though: the company is about to hit its 10 year anniversary, which is a quite remarkable achievement just in itself. It's also noteworthy - to me least - that I've been there 3 years already, which I suppose means I get 30% of either the credit or the blame, depending on who is keeping score!

Have we made progress in those 36 months? Hell yes. But I'd have to claim it's really only now that the time and energy invested over the past three years is showing signs of paying off.

Glancing up, still seem to be a lot of stairs overhead though .... and I have no idea what's at the end of the climb.

Oh well, head down and back to one foot in front of the other.

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