Sunday, March 9, 2008

Art - Tough Way To Make A Living

Not yet sure how today will work out but sounds like sales yesterday weren't wonderful at least. There was a bit of a rush when the doors opened Saturday morning but come around 12:30 then things basically fell away. Haven't yet got an update on sales weekend-to-date but I somehow suspect that, no matter how you count it, I won't be retiring tomorrow on the proceeds.

Still, the weather has been glorious and the venue - Fort Mason, up in San Francisco's Marina District - is itself interesting. As you may have guessed, it's an old military base and part of the Golden Gate Recreation Area. There are a few shops or small businesses that have opened there but in all honesty then unless you are in the area anyway I wouldn't make a special detour.

Now for the no-fun part: taking everything down, packing it up and getting back through the city. Let's see, it's 3 pm now so with luck we'll be home by 8:30 pm earliest?

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