Saturday, November 19, 2011

iTunes can't access the music store or you can't sync your iPad?

Yup, been suffering from both of those for quite some time now, along with occasional Windows 7 networking issues (such as an inability to connect to certain sites.)  I tried deleting and reinstalling all Apple software, but to no avail.  The only reason I headed down that path at all because I was finding the mobile sync process from Apple was hogging tons of CPU time and some posters on the Apple support forum recommended the delete/reinstall as being the solution.  Perhaps for them, but not for me!

However, I did eventually find the fix as posted by "rodfromnewark" (who is rightly hailed as a hero on the discussion thread!):

For PC users, before reinstalling, try this:

Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> (Right Click On Command Prompt) -> Run as Administrator
(This gives you the DOS command shell)
then type in:

netsh winsock reset

hit enter, restart PC, open iTunes. Hopefully fixed.

Forcing a winsock reset not only cleared up my iTunes issues but also seems to have sorted the other random networking problems too!  My laptop is once again useful for something other than acting as a winter warmer for my legs, which is nice.
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