Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Canon To Employees: "Go Forth And Multiply"

"So remind me, what goes where again?"

Here's change we can vote for: cure the recession by having sex. This is the uniquely Japanese solution adopted by Canon as a way of fixing both the economic slowdown and the problem of a fast aging workforce.

It seems that two days a week the doors to Canon's HQ are now firmly closed at 5:30 pm so the massed ranks of salary workers can all head off home to make babies. The article doesn't say if Canon's management checks up to make sure that this is indeed what their staff do with all these extra hours, but it does make you wonder. I mean, this is Canon after all, who makes all manner of interesting video recording devices in surprisingly compact form factors ...

Regardless, you have to give Brownie points to their spokesperson who says, "It's great we can all go home early and not feel ashamed". Fair brings a tear to my evil CEO eye ...

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