Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Room With A View

The vista in question being of one of the twin towers fronting the Paddington station terminus. I seem to have had some luck when checking-in and got a top floor room with a small balcony area outside. The picture above shows the principal view.

Room rate? North of $600 per night ... and that's by no means the most expensive hotel round here, not by a long chalk. We booked way-late and ended up with very few options. Good job the air fares were cheap because in terms of accommodation this is fast becoming a seriously pricey option. (Just to set the context, around the corner in W2, an 800 sq foot flat is listed for a little over $1m, and this is in Bayswater for heaven's sake! As BAR pointed out last week, in a more desireable area like Chelsea you can easily pay double that.)


I said...

should've gone to the hilton bayswater....i got it for $300 per night :)

I said...

Oh...and if your looking for a great restaurant which is 5 mins walk from your hotel try http://www.thefrontlineclub.com/club_restaurant.php

The frontline club is a bunch of war journo's who own a restaurent to encourage drinking, eating and thinking.

Took a client a couple of weeks ago. Good english nosh, not badly priced for paddington and great pictures on the walls!

J said...

Thanks! Will take the recommendation and try the restuarant as advertised. Will let you know! (Tried that Hilton and it was booked for the days we wanted, alas.)