Monday, May 14, 2007

B-17 Flight (3)

Starboard Waist Gun, B-17

We flew out over Monterey and then turned right back towards Salinas. First-off, I headed down to the forward nose area where the bomb sight was still in place. Alas, the trigger was off to the side and non-operative otherwise I could have scared the hell out of some farmers ... From that point I went towards the rear of the plane to see how things looked from the side and top.

Part way through the fog cleared a little, mostly because we were heading inland at that point. I made a point of taking some shots (pictures, I mean!) from the starboard-side waist gun position since that was my father-in-law's crew position. As you can see, you have to be careful where you point the .50 cal as you have a clear shot at the outboard propeller, never mind the other planes in your own formation.

And that was it. All too quickly we were back on the ground wishing it were like Disneyland where you could queue-up and go round again.

Next year I might do the 24 or 25 if they all come back, but I have to say I may fly "Nine-O-Nine" again. Worth every cent, and highly recommended.

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